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Representation For All Measure 11 Offenses

At the Law Office of Thaddeus Betz, LLC, attorney Thad understands the anguish you feel after being charged with a crime. Everything in your life feels like it has been tossed up in the air, leaving you to wonder what kind of shape things will be in when the dust has settled on your criminal case. If you face charges for an offense that falls under Oregon’s Measure 11, you face mandatory minimum bail amounts and mandatory minimum sentences. Having experienced legal representation is imperative in limiting your exposure to these harsh penalties.

Pursuing Just Outcomes In Measure 11 Cases

Oregon’s Measure 11 law has been revised multiple times since its inaction in 1994, but one thing remains: A Measure 11 conviction will result in crushing legal penalties and harm your future long after you have served your mandatory sentence. The only way to avoid this is to achieve an acquittal or a conviction with the help of a skilled criminal defense attorney.

As your attorney, Thaddeus will answer your questions and build a strong defense against Measure 11 crimes, which include:

  • Violent crimes: Murder, manslaughter and assault
  • Sex crimes: Rape, sodomy, unlawful sexual penetration and sexual abuse
  • Kidnapping
  • Robbery

Criminal Defense For Juvenile Offenders

In Oregon, defendants aged 15 and over can be charged and tried as adults for crimes outlined by Measure 11. This means that severe punishments may be incurred on young men and women who possess a limited understanding of the law and their rights. Whether you face robbery charges, require an attorney for a murder defense or have been accused of another Measure 11 offense, Thaddeus will help you understand the charges while negotiating on your behalf with the prosecution.

Contact Thad For Aggressive Criminal Defense

The only way to avoid the mandatory sentences of Measure 11 is to have an experienced attorney working as soon as possible to prevent your conviction. If you have been accused, are the subject of a pre-indictment investigation or have been charged, the time to act is now. Call 541-728-0852 today to contact the Law Office of Thaddeus Betz, LLC.