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Defending You Against DUII Charges

Being charged with driving under the influence of intoxicants (DUII) is serious. A conviction will result in harsh fines, criminal penalties, a criminal record and the loss of your driving privileges.

You are not going to be able to talk your way out of drunk driving charges. Your best option is to make sure you have an experienced criminal defense lawyer working to protect your rights and your good name from the stigma of being a convicted drunk driver.

Attentive Service From A Proven Lawyer

In Bend and surrounding communities, you can rely on the Law Office of Thaddeus Betz, LLC, for the compassionate counsel, skilled representation and solutions-oriented thinking you need during this scary time in your life. Attorney Thaddeus Betz will not judge you; he knows that good people make mistakes and can find themselves facing criminal charges. He will focus on limiting your exposure to criminal penalties and collateral consequences so you can get the second chance you deserve.

You can rely on Thad to handle all aspects of your DUII defense, including:

  • Protecting your driver’s license from administrative suspension or revocation
  • Holding law enforcement accountable for following proper procedure during a traffic stop
  • Challenging evidence obtained via unconstitutional methods
  • Negotiating with the prosecution while preparing a strong defense for a trial

Your DUII arrest does not have to be the turning point where your life went into a tailspin; it can be the point where you pivot to a better future.

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