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A Strong Advocate For Appeals And Post-Conviction Relief

You cannot afford to give up after a legal setback. When your freedom and life as you know it are at stake, it is crucial to make sure you have fully pursued the legal options available to you. In Bend, Oregon and surrounding communities that means turning to Law Office of Thaddeus Betz, LLC.

Attorney Thaddeus Betz combines his in-depth knowledge of the law and legal system with a tenacious drive to fight for the rights of his clients. If you have been convicted of a crime, he can investigate the circumstances surrounding your case and uncover any possible grounds for appeal or post-conviction relief.


It is important to understand just what an appeal is. If you are convicted of a crime you have the right to appeal your case, but “that was the wrong decision” is not grounds for appeal. Grounds for appeal include ineffective legal counsel from your attorney, errors in law made by the judge, violations of court procedures such as providing jury instructions, and other mistakes or omissions that influenced the outcome in your trial. As an experienced criminal defense attorney, Thaddeus Betz can review your trial records to uncover possible grounds for your appeal.

Post-Conviction Relief

It is never too late to right a wrong. Witnesses recanting their false testimony, new evidence, and violations of your constitutional rights at trial can all serve as grounds for seeing post-conviction relief. There are very complex and specific procedures in place for post-conviction relief, making it important to have an attorney on your side capable of effectively navigating your post-conviction relief application through the legal system.

Put A Tenacious Advocate In Your Corner

Appellate and post-conviction work is not for everyone; Thaddeus Betz has the skills, experience and resources necessary to succeed in these complex cases. Call 541-728-0852 to contact the Law Office of Thaddeus Betz, LLC.